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What is TVCORC?

TVCORC is the short name of The Vampire Coven Online Resource Centre, is an online resource centre or library of any artwork including drawings, paintings, digital arts and designs or any other kinds of creations, by the fans of Anne Rice. You can freely view or download all the resources.


Who is The Owner?

This site is designed and maintained by The Dark Heaven and the other sister sites are The Vampire Coven and The Vampire Coven Banner Exchange. All these sites are run by the owner, Jen.


Purpose of This Site

Simple reason. The site owner, Jen, loves The Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice after watching the movie of Interview With The Vampire. This movie makes her addicted to the world of the vampires and would like to do a website for them. And that comes with The Dark Heaven.

At the same time, many fansites of Anne Rice have been setup by other fans. she has come across many of them and found them very impressive no matter in terms of content or design. But as time passes, many of them have been left alone or even died out. Most of the valuable resources have been lost forever. It definitely is a pity.

So, she has an idea to setup a site to bring these resources together and provide a free place to all fans of Anne Rice to have their own exhibitions.


History of TVCORC

TVCORC was first created in 2006 or 2007, the exact time has already forgotten, by using Joomla. But the site owner, Jen, really did not like Joomla as the download engine since the admin interface was not good and it took time to manage so many files. The worst thing was that it was very hard to customize Joomla.

And unfortunately, all websites of Jen got hacked on 25 December 2008. It had taken her very long to resume some of the websites since there was no recent backup, so she needed to clean the files one by one. And she nearly had given up resuming TVCORC as she did not want to use Joomla again but could not find another good script to replace it.

In January 2010, one website owner, who has exchanged link with The Dark Heaven Network, asked Jen if TVCORC would be back or not. The first answer was no and that owner felt pity for the decision. But meanwhile Jen was still searching scripts online and luckily, she had come across a website that was doing the exact thing like TVCORC, but the theme of course was not Anne Rice. And she found that this site was using wordpress with a download plugin. As Jen was quite familiar with wordpress and the most important was there were many useful plugins for wordpress could be found, she decided to work on TVCORC again. After heavy customization for several weeks, a new TVCORC has been born, at last.

And in 2015, Jen has decided to switch web hosting and found that it was still difficult to handle all resources by wordpress in these years. For one moment, she has given up and closed TVCORC. But a second thought has come up, a blog script like wordpress is not suitable but a gallery script should be perfect since the main purpose is for all the fans to view and download the resources. After searching the internet, she has chosen Piwigo to build TVCORC again.


TVCORC Services

You can feel free to view or download all the resources. If you would like to publish your own work, you can use this form to upload or contact TVCORC at ranmajen=at=gmail=dot=com. All the services here are free of charge.


Terms of This Site

In order to have any interactions at this website, you must agree to the Terms of TVCORC. The second you click view, download or post comments, you have automatically agreed to these terms no matter you have read it or not.

By visiting TVCORC you must abide by these terms.

  • Direct linking is strictly prohibited.
  • Spamming of any kind is prohibited.
  • You may not claim the downloaded resource as your own. All resources here are copyrighted by their owners. Reproduction must be permitted by their owners.
  • TVCORC is not responsible for any harm caused by the downloaded resources.
  • All submitted resources should be your own work. If not, you must provide the details of the owners. You cannot claim other people's work as your own work.
  • You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other materials that may violate any laws of your country, the country where TVCORC is hosted or International Law.
If you break the above terms, TVCORC reserves the rights to immediately and permanently ban your IP. To aid in enforcing these conditions, we may notify your Internet Service Provider for the IP address of all actions recorded.


Disclaimers and Credits

  • TVCORC collects the resources from the internet or they are submitted by members. TVCORC only acts as a collection centre to exhibit and introduce these resources to the public. TVCORC is not responsible for the usage of the downloaded resources by the members and not responsible for any harm caused by the downloaded resources.
  • The copyrights of all the resources at TVCORC belong to their respective owners. Credits have been given to the owners in the resource details if TVCORC is able to reach these information. If the owners would like TVCORC to fill in more details or take off their work from TVCORC, just feel free to send an email to ranmajen=at=gmail=dot=com.
  • TVCORC is in no way affiliated with Anne Rice, or her publishers, or any subsidiary companies and agencies of Anne Rice, or her publishers. This is just a fansite, and no copyright infringement is intended.
  • This piwigo theme, Modus, is original made by Rvelices and the version used on TVCORC is modified by TVCORC.


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